oh how you shine,
with your heart full of moonlight
and your soul full of stars

Gentle bellflower

Age: 26
Birthday: 26 Sun of 4th Umbral Moon (August 26)
Race: Viera
Clan: Veena
Guardian: Menphina, the Lover
Speaks: Thavnarian Dialect, Eorzean Common, Limited Eorzean Sign
A slight Thavnarian accent affects his speech. Dialect is of a small uncharted forested island off the coast of Thavnair.

A Brief History

Runaway Bunny no more, Gentle Bellflower lives by the name gifted to him by his adoptive pirate mother. He doesn't talk much about his history before leaving the forest, but it's clear this young Viera man is happy to be where he is. He lives with his lifemate, Volatile Tequila, and works many trades. You make coin how you can, be it selling skills or self.Soft and sweet, Gentle is very kind, but he is not innocent. He works amongst pirates, mercenaries, and Voidsent alike, and seems to have a tolerance for magical shenanigans beyond most. What has changed this man? And what does it take to ruffle him?"Gentle is as gentle does, and while I choose to be gentle, there are sides of me few see beyond closed doors...perhaps you'd like to know them?"


Black Mage, White Mage, Red Mage
a little magic can take you a long way
Gentle has been in tune with magic since he was a tot - the world makes sense to him through magic. Magic sings through his very soul, and his body has been shaped by this; he is thin, almost waifish, and while healthy, is not strong. He excels in aetherwork, and is a magical prodigy. While he practices as a Dancer, he is helpless when he comes to blows with others. He'll bap you with his staff before he'll throw a punch.Gentle is proud of his knowledge of the Black, and does his best to share it to show people that the fear of it is not always placed well. Of course, he knows it is not socially acceptable, so he is careful to keep within limits in public. He also practices the White, the Red, and has most recently begun Sage work.Gentle has vision loss in his paler eye, or so he claims; he compensates by using his magic, making him very showmanlike and playful with his magic. He often wears a monocle or glasses to support that eye. He also bears both Void markings and scarring on his back, though you will not know so on meeting - he keeps them hidden via glamour. He is not one to talk about it without trusting you.

and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.
those who don't believe in magic
will never find it.
-roald dahl-


Late 20s
Healthcare Worker
Enby (they works fine)
- I am a pretty private person, so won't learn much more about me.
- I will speak up if something bothers me - please do the same. Boundaries are important!
- 18+ only for RP please.

RP DETAILSStyle: Any! Para, Script, W/E. I personally prefer Paragraph style.
Place: Either In-Game or Discord!
Length: Open - one shots, ongoing, planned stories
Rating: G - M - please discuss your boundaries with me!

- DARK THEMES. Gentle's past has a general trigger warning for abuse, sexual abuse, and trauma. I will RP around heavy themes. If you are not comfortable with this, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO COME UP. Please communicate your limitations with me!
- Lorebending - to an extent. Please discuss with me!
- WOL/Story Main's - Gentle does have the Echo, though his does not present as postcognition like in game. I am fine with others presenting as Warriors of Light or Echo-blessed!
- Dark RP
- Slice of Life
- Battles - Gentle does have the Echo, and is involved in helping to fight primals. Can RP in a battle/fight setting, or post-fight healing/pre-fight planning!
- Underage Characters in Adult Settings / as Main Character
- Godmodding
- Extreme Play/Bodily Harm/Gore

....i want to be magic. i want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. i want to be a friend of elves and live in a tree. or under a hill. i want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing. i don’t want to pretend at magic anymore. i want to be magic.-- charles de lint --



Black Magical Bun

Gentle is very involved in the study of Black Magic. He has worked with the Black all of his life, and trusts it innately in a way that many in Eorzea don't understand. Need something done involving the Black? Need help dealing with the Void/Voidsent? Let him know.

Healers are Never Done

Gentle is a healer by trade. White Magic and Sage work, as well as studying the magics of Scholars and Astrologians....he's very interested in every method of healing he can be involved with. Please, reach out if you are in need of healing, or hiring an adventuring healer!

A Strange Stone?

Gentle has been skipping off from work in Sharlayan occasionally, and has seemed a bit withdrawn compared to normal. He is seen carrying a strange Soul Crystal, and to the discerning certainly isn't of this star....
Just what has Gentle gotten himself into...

A Strange Marking?

Gentle works amongst the Light, and is kind to most if not all he meets. Yet there is surely more than meets the eye to this Vieran man: if you watch, he has a strange mark on his shoulder and back he won't speak of. And his aether is odd, swirling with effects it should not. What is going on with this sweet bun...?

Home's Quarters

Gentle considers the Odin Research Corps to be home. He and Tequi were taken in there early in their time in Eorzea, and he is very happy to run the Clinic there with the aid of the Head Researcher. That being said, the place, while sanctioned by O-App-Pesi and Gridanian elites, is no stranger to the underbelly of Eorzea. Mercenary work is easy to find, and allies important. Come on down and find out for yourself!

Sharlayan Studies

Gentle studies part-time in Sharlayan, under the sponsorship of one Bloenwyda. He adores the Roegadyn woman as an auntie, and studies hard there along with frends Bede Gravadain and Jaimes Lukasson. Gentle is writing a thesis studying the Elpis Flowers, strange flowers that change color to reflect emotional currents around them.

....magic comes from what is inside you. it is a part of you. you can’t weave together a spell that you don’t believe in.-- jim butcher --


This information is only for players 21+
This player is 21+ and will NOT RP with minors.
If you are found to be underage, you will be blacklisted!

Beyond this point is NSFW information regarding my character
Please do not go beyond this point if NSFW behavior is not for you.

NSFW Information

Gentle is indeed available for NSFW RP.
He is a Service Switch - he does not lean heavily one way or the other, rather prefers to take the role that will bring the most pleasure to his partner.
Gentle is PANSEXUAL - the body does not matter to him, it is the person.
Gentle is a Sex Worker in Eorzea - he is bookable for private services.
Rate: 150k/hour

WILLERP (Erotic Roleplay)
Light BDSM
Voidsent-Related RP
Dark Themes
Mature Themes
Healing RP - Bodily Recovery

Underage/Minor ERP
Extreme Bodily Harm/Gore

....real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.-- wayne dyer --